Keep That Post-vacation Glow, Courtesy of Nateeva

Photo courtesy Nateeva


Riley’s Sheryl Nance-Nash shares how travellers can maintain that post-vacation glow, courtesy of Nateeva’s Caribbean-inspired fragrances


There’s nothing like post-vacation glow. Your mind, body and spirit are aligned. You’re ready for anything. But a week or two later, you’re back in your routine and your trip seems like it was months ago.

If the Caribbean is your favorite go-to paradise, you now have a way to keep your memories fresh – or to fuel your dreams if you hope to get there – thanks to Jay McSherry and Hope Freeman.

A few years ago, they traveled to St Martin and were beguiled by the turquoise waters and aromas of local flowers and the incredible food experiences. They were inspired to recreate the magic.


Nateeva: The Scent of the Caribbean


“We fantasized about what we could do,” says Freeman. To capture the scents and vibe of the island, they turned to what they knew – fragrances.

Freeman, a long-time fragrance evaluator, and McSherry, a marketing specialist, started Nateeva. They focused on their most beloved islands.

Then came the research. They talked with locals, took into account each island’s indigenous flowers, spices, culture and landscape and worked with a perfumer to develop a truly unique eau de parfum and body lotion for the six islands they released the first year.


The Nateeva Line-up


Here’s the lowdown on the Caribbean inspired fragrances produced by Nateeva:  


St Martin

Nateeva St Martin was the first perfume, as it was that trip to St the island that inspired everything. Nateeva St Martin is all about Hibiscus, with hints of vanilla, mimosa and sheer musk. Think and feel romance. It was no easy task to summon the soul of such a magical island.  Says Freeman, “The people are, warm, wonderful, down to earth.”



Yellow Elder flowers, the national flower that dots the landscape, plus linden blossom, ginger and sandalwood are essential elements in Nateeva Bahamas. The Bahamas have close proximity to the US but are a different world, with its emerald waters and white sand.

The fragrance is playful. You can almost smell the beach and the salt air. Freeman is struck by the sense of pride people there have about their island. “They know their history. Anyone will tell you any number of facts, like what the national flower is.”



Nateeva Jamaica pays homage to Lignum Vitae, the vibrant, purple national flower found all over the island. They laced it with mandarin, frangipani and coconut water to come up with Nateeva Jamaica.

What’s more Jamaican than coconut trees and waterfalls? Nateeva Jamaica is a woodsy, cooler scent. You’ll remember the thrill of the rainforest and waterfalls.


St Thomas

Sunny doesn’t just describe the weather in St Thomas, but the vibe. It’s vibrant, alive and so is Nateeva St Thomas.  

“The fragrance is bright, light, sparkling like water. You’re feel like you’re there,” says Freeman. The flower power in Nateeva St Thomas is Frangipani, as easy-breezy as the island itself.


Dominican Republic

A rose is a rose, is a rose. With Nateeva Dominican Republic, Eayahibe Rose rules. There’s a bit of citrus in what Freeman calls a fluffy floral. While Nateeva Dominican Republic is not a heavy fragrance, “It’s noticeable,” says Freeman. When you’re in DR, you do want to make a statement, especially in party city Punta Cana.



 Aruba is called “One Happy Island”, the bright yellow wainglo flower is perfect to bring home that point. Unlike the others, Nateeva Aruba is an eau fraiche, light and airy. The background is woody, with citrus accents.


Where to Purchase & More Info  


You can purchase products on, and in certain spas, boutiques, and luxury five-star resorts in each island. 

Portions of proceeds go to the Nateeva Fund, which is tied to the couple’s compassion for the many stray dogs in the islands. The Fund works to help animal shelters, humane societies, and people in the regions they serve.




Sheryl Nance-Nash is a freelance writer specializing in travel and business. Her work has appeared on, Fodors, Afar, Global Traveler, Newsweek.comand, among others.